• Material: Describe the material composition of the bowl (e.g., high-quality plastic, glass), noting its durability and suitability for repeated use.
  • Design: Focus on the design elements like the bowl’s shape, color, and any decorative features that make it visually appealing and festive.
  • Versatility: Mention the versatility of the bowl for serving various types of desserts, such as ice cream, fruit salads, or mousses.
  • Easy to Clean: Include information about the bowl’s ease of cleaning, whether it is dishwasher safe or requires hand washing.
  • Event Suitability: Highlight the bowl’s suitability for events, noting how it can add to the décor and functionality of party settings.


Develop a succinct and attractive description of the 180 mm Dessert Bowl from the Party/World collection. Emphasize its ideal size and shape for serving desserts, highlighting how it can enhance the enjoyment of sweets at any event or in daily use. The description should appeal to both individual planning parties and businesses such as catering companies, aiming to provide them with a clear picture of the bowl’s aesthetic and practical benefits.


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