• Material: Describe the material used for the plate (e.g., durable plastic, eco-friendly compounds), highlighting its quality and any sustainable attributes.
  • Design: Detail the plate’s design features, such as its color, shape, and any decorative elements that enhance its aesthetic appeal.
  • Functionality: Discuss how the plate serves various dining needs, from casual dinners to formal gatherings.
  • Care Instructions: Provide tips on how to care for the plate, including cleaning and handling recommendations.
  • Environmental Impact: Note the environmental considerations, like whether the plate is recyclable or made from recycled materials.


Craft a succinct and appealing description of a 230 mm round plate from Genfac. Emphasize the plate’s suitability for diverse culinary settings, its design, material, and practical benefits. Target potential buyers such as households, catering businesses, and event organizers, providing them with an informative overview of why this plate is an excellent choice for both everyday use and special events.


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