• Capacity: 1000 liters, ideal for high usage areas.
  • Material: Robust construction suitable for industrial environments.
  • Efficiency: Consistent soap dispensing with each use.
  • Design: Simple, functional, and with a clean white finish.
  • Application: Perfect for large facilities needing frequent hand washing.


The HAND SOAP WHITE 1000LTR DISPENSER is an industrial-sized, high-capacity hand soap dispenser designed to meet the demands of large facilities such as schools, hospitals, and factories. This dispenser holds up to 1000 liters of liquid soap, ensuring a long-lasting supply and reducing the frequency of refills. The dispenser features a sturdy, easy-to-use mechanism that delivers a consistent amount of soap with each use, promoting efficient hand hygiene. It’s durable construction and classic white finish make it both practical and aesthetically pleasing for any setting.


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