• Ideal Size: Measuring 105x105x85 mm, the box is perfectly proportioned for single burgers, ensuring a snug fit that helps maintain presentation.
  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the box is designed to withstand the rigors of transport and handling.
  • Neutral Design: The simple, clean design does not distract from the visual appeal of the food, enhancing the overall presentation.
  • Convenient for Takeaway: Provides a reliable solution for fast food restaurants and eateries offering takeaway services.
  • Non-Eco-Friendly Material: Although effective, the materials used for this burger box are not environmentally sustainable.


The Beta Board Burger Box is designed to securely contain and transport burgers, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition. With dimensions of 105x105x85 mm, this box is perfectly sized for standard burgers, from classic beef patties to gourmet creations. Its sturdy construction protects the contents during delivery or takeaway, while the neutral design puts the spotlight on the food. It’s important to note that despite its effective design, this burger box is not made from eco-friendly materials.


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