9 INCH (E17) CLAMSHELL 230X233X80MM-2X100


  • Generous Size: Ample space to accommodate a variety of food items, making it versatile for different culinary needs.
  • Clamshell Design: Easy to open and close securely, enhancing the customer experience by keeping contents safe and intact.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from durable materials that withstand normal wear and tear, ensuring the container can handle transport and storage.
  • Multipurpose Use: Ideal for restaurants, cafés, food trucks, and catering events where large, sturdy packaging is essential.
  • Professional Appearance: Neat and clean design that looks great while being highly functional.


This 9-inch (E17) clamshell container is designed for superior functionality and convenience. Its generous dimensions of 230x233x80 mm make it ideal for packaging a wide range of food items, from sandwiches and salads to pastries and other delicacies. The clamshell design ensures easy opening and secure closure, which helps maintain food integrity during transport. This container is an excellent choice for food services that prioritize durability and practicality in their packaging solutions.


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