– Set of fifty Chinese-style bowls
– Each bowl has a capacity of 1050 milliliters
– Sleek black color for a modern, elegant appearance
– Ideal for serving a variety of dishes, including soups,   noodles, rice, and salads
– Designed for both home and commercial use
– Durable and food-safe materials
– Complements various table settings and cuisine types


The “1050 ML CHINESE BOWL BLACK-8X50” product consists of a bulk set of fifty Chinese bowls, each with a generous capacity of 1050 milliliters, suitable for serving substantial portions of food. These bowls are designed in a traditional Chinese style, featuring a sleek black color that adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the classic design. The size and volume of these bowls make them ideal for serving various dishes, from soups and noodles to rice and salads. Crafted for both aesthetic appeal and practical use, they are likely made from materials that are durable and food-safe, ensuring they can be used in both home and restaurant settings. The black color not only gives the bowls a sophisticated look but also makes them versatile in complementing different table settings and cuisine types.


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