• Standard Size: At 160mm, these spoons are well-suited for a wide range of dining and cooking applications.
  • Durable Wood Construction: Made to handle both hot and cold items without transferring heat.
  • Natural Aesthetic: Adds a rustic, homey touch to your table setting, making meals feel more inviting.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for cafes, dessert shops, or any food service environment where a natural look is desired.
  • Non-Eco-Friendly Wood: Crafted from wood but not sourced or processed in a sustainable manner.


These 160mm wooden spoons offer a sturdy and traditional option for various dining settings. While they provide a natural look and feel that enhances the eating experience, it’s important to note that these spoons are not made from eco-friendly materials. They are perfect for everything from stirring coffee and tea to enjoying desserts and soups. Ideal for cafes, catering events, and home use, these spoons combine functionality with a touch of rustic charm.


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