• Comprehensive Set: Includes knives, forks, and spoons, catering to all basic dining needs.
  • Sturdy Wood Construction: Crafted for durability, these utensils can handle a variety of foods without breaking.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Adds a rustic, elegant touch to any meal, whether it’s a picnic, family gathering, or catered event.
  • Single Use Convenience: Ideal for occasions where easy cleanup and convenience are a priority.
  • Non-Eco-Friendly Material: Made from wood but not sourced or manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way.


The Wooden Cutlery Combo provides a practical and stylish alternative to traditional plastic utensils. This set includes a mix of knives, forks, and spoons, all made from wood. While offering a rustic charm suitable for a variety of dining occasions, it is important to clarify that these wooden utensils are not classified as eco-friendly. Perfect for events, casual dining, or takeout, this cutlery set enhances the dining experience by adding a touch of natural elegance.


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