• Compact Size: Perfectly sized for smaller bins, each bag holds up to 27 liters of waste.
  • Elegant White Color: Blends well with interior decor, making them ideal for visible bin locations.
  • High Count Pack: With 1000 bags in total (20 rolls of 50 bags each), they are well-suited for high-usage areas.
  • Lightweight Material: Easy to tie and carry, minimizing the hassle of waste disposal.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for personal spaces like home bathrooms, small office bins, or patient rooms in clinics.
  • Efficient Dispensing: Rolls are compact and simple to store, offering straightforward access to new bags as needed.


The 27 Liter White Tidy Bags (20×50) are designed for efficient and discreet waste disposal in environments such as bathrooms, small offices, or clinics where space is limited and aesthetics matter. These compact, white bags blend seamlessly with lighter, cleaner decor themes while providing enough capacity for daily waste accumulation. Made from a light, resilient material, these bags are easy to handle and replace, making them a convenient choice for frequent changes. The generous packaging of 20 rolls with 50 bags each ensures a long-lasting supply, reducing the need for frequent reordering.


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