• Design: Specifically designed for storing and transporting sushi securely.
  • Features: Equipped with a secure, but unlockable mechanism for easy access.
  • Material: Made from food-grade plastic, ensuring the safety and freshness of sushi.
  • Capacity: Designed to hold a significant amount of sushi, accommodating larger servings.
  • Versatility: Suitable for other small food items, ensuring freshness and convenience.
  • Hygiene: Provides a tight seal to maintain hygiene and prevent spills or leaks.
  • Convenience: Easy to handle and stack, promoting efficient storage and organization.


The Unlockable Sushi Container Big-450 is a specialized storage solution designed to securely store and transport sushi. Crafted from food-grade plastic, it ensures the safety and freshness of your sushi servings. Its unlockable mechanism provides easy access while maintaining a tight seal for hygiene and spill prevention. With a generous capacity, it can accommodate larger sushi servings, making it suitable for various catering or takeaway needs. Easy to handle and stack, it promotes efficient storage and is reusable and recyclable, supporting sustainable packaging practices.


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