• Design: Compact and space-efficient, suitable for limited spaces.
  • Material: Made from durable, long-lasting materials.
  • Functionality: Dispenses one towel at a time to minimize waste.
  • Installation: Simple to mount and easy to refill.
  • Suitability: Perfect for small restrooms, office kitchens, or healthcare facilities.


The Towel Slimfold Dispenser is a compact and efficient solution for dispensing slim fold towels, specifically designed to fit smaller spaces while providing easy access to paper towels. This dispenser is ideal for use in locations with limited countertops or wall space, such as small restrooms, private offices, or kitchens. It typically features a sleek design and is made from durable materials to withstand regular use. The dispenser allows for quick and easy towel loading and maintains a neat appearance by dispensing one towel at a time, reducing waste and ensuring optimal use of supplies.


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