• Dimensions: 24 x 28 (units)
  • Paper Weight: Specify the weight or thickness of the newsprint.
  • Brightness: Provide details about the brightness level or whiteness of the paper.
  • Opacity: Mention the opacity or show-through characteristics of the newsprint.
  • Smoothness: Describe the surface smoothness or texture of the paper.
  • Ink Compatibility: List the types of inks or printing methods compatible with this newsprint.


Introduce the “NEWSPRINT 24X28” as a high-quality newsprint designed for a wide range of printing applications. Emphasize its versatility and suitability for newspapers, flyers, brochures, or any other publication requiring a reliable and cost-effective printing solution. Highlight the newsprint’s optimal dimensions, which strike a balance between efficiency and readability, making it suitable for both large and small-scale printing projects.

Discuss the paper’s composition, highlighting its strength, opacity, and ink compatibility, ensuring crisp and vibrant print results. Mention any environmentally friendly or sustainable aspects of the product, such as its sourcing from responsibly managed forests or use of recycled materials.

Elaborate on the newsprint’s performance in high-speed printing environments, ensuring consistent quality and minimal downtime. Address its compatibility with various printing technologies, including offset, digital, and flexographic printing.

Finally, emphasize the cost-effectiveness of this newsprint, positioning it as an economical choice for businesses, publishers, or individuals seeking a reliable and affordable printing solution without compromising quality.


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