• Dimensions: 20 x 30 (units)
  • Paper Weight: Specify the weight or thickness of the newsprint.
  • Brightness: Provide details about the brightness level or whiteness of the paper.
  • Opacity: Mention the opacity or show-through characteristics of the newsprint.
  • Smoothness: Describe the surface smoothness or texture of the paper.
  • Ink Compatibility: List the types of inks or printing methods compatible with this newsprint.


Provide a detailed yet concise description of the “NEWSPRINT 20X30” product, covering its purpose, features, and benefits. Highlight its suitability for various printing applications, such as newspapers, flyers, or promotional materials. Emphasize the quality of the newsprint, its print performance, and any other relevant aspects that make it stand out. Discuss the advantages of using this specific newsprint over alternatives, and address any potential concerns or considerations for potential buyers.


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