• Heavy-Duty Build: Made with strong, thick plastic to withstand intense disposal needs.
  • Large Capacity: Each bag can hold up to 80 liters, suitable for high-volume waste.
  • Supply Quantity: Contains 200 bags (4 rolls of 50 bags each), offering substantial stock for continuous use.
  • Tear and Puncture Resistant: Engineered to prevent breaches, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Ease of Use: Each roll is designed for quick and easy bag dispensing.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for commercial settings, healthcare facilities, or any location with large-scale waste management needs.


The 80 Liter Heavy-Duty Garbage Bags (4×50) are robust and reliable, ideal for handling substantial waste in demanding environments such as restaurants, hospitals, and large households. These bags are crafted from high-strength, durable materials designed to resist tears and punctures, ensuring safe and effective containment of even the heaviest or sharpest of waste materials. The configuration of 4 rolls with 50 bags each provides convenient access and ample supply, making it easier to manage waste efficiently.


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