• Material: Constructed from high-quality paper with an inner foil lining for heat retention.
  • Insulation: Foil lining helps keep hot foods warm and delicious during transport.
  • Hygiene and Safety: Designed to prevent leaks and contain grease, ensuring a clean and safe customer experience.
  • Usage: Ideal for hot food items like roasted chickens, making it a popular choice for delis, rotisseries, and takeaway food services.
  • Convenience: Offers a simple and effective way to serve and transport hot meals.
  • Customizable: Surface suitable for branding with logos or promotional messages to enhance business visibility.
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The Foil Chicken Bag Large is crafted specifically for the packaging and preservation of hot food items, such as roasted chicken. Combining the benefits of paper and a foil lining, this bag ensures that contents remain warm, moist, and flavorful. Perfect for food services and restaurants, this bag maintains food quality while providing a convenient solution for carry-out orders.


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