• Material: High-quality, food-safe plastic designed to cling tightly and create an optimal storage environment.
  • Technology: Incorporates unique properties that help regulate moisture and air exchange, enhancing produce longevity.
  • Visibility: Transparent film allows for easy viewing of contents without unpacking.
  • Flexibility: Easily conforms to different shapes and sizes of fruits and vegetables.
  • Protection: Acts as a barrier against contaminants, keeping produce clean and extending shelf life.


The Everfilm Cling Wrap Fruit & Veg is specially formulated to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. This cling wrap features advanced technology that regulates the air and moisture around fresh produce to prevent spoilage and dehydration. Its clear, flexible design makes it easy to wrap around various shapes and sizes of produce, ensuring a tight and secure seal. Perfect for use in both home kitchens and commercial settings, this cling wrap helps maintain the nutritional quality and taste of your fruits and vegetables, making it a vital tool for anyone looking to reduce food waste and keep produce at its peak freshness.


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