• Usage: Ideal for fast food outlets, cafeterias, and coffee shops.
  • Design: Enables one-at-a-time dispensing to minimize waste.
  • Material: Constructed from sturdy plastic or metal.
  • Benefits: Promotes hygiene and efficiency in napkin usage.
  • Maintenance: Easy to refill and clean, enhancing operational convenience.


A Dispenser Napkin system is an essential fixture in food service locations, designed to provide easy access to napkins while reducing waste. These dispensers are typically loaded with interfolded napkins that can be pulled out one at a time, ensuring that each napkin is used efficiently and hygienically. They are commonly found in fast food restaurants, cafeterias, and coffee shops, helping to keep service areas tidy and functional. The dispensers are usually made from durable materials like plastic or metal to withstand frequent use.


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