• Width: 44cm, great for large containers or food items.
  • Material: Premium, stretchable plastic that adheres securely.
  • Protection: Offers excellent airtight sealing to extend food freshness and prevent odor transfer.
  • Transparency: Clear material allows for quick identification of contents.
  • Ease of Use: Dispenses smoothly and cuts cleanly, enhancing kitchen efficiency.


The Cling Wrap 44cm x 600m Velta is designed to provide maximum efficiency and freshness for food storage. This product features a high-quality, stretchable plastic that clings effectively to various surfaces, ensuring a tight seal. Ideal for both home and commercial use, it is perfect for wrapping large items or multiple smaller items together. The Velta cling wrap is robust, providing a barrier against moisture and air that keeps food fresher for longer. Its easy-to-use design helps to streamline kitchen tasks, making it a go-to for preserving and protecting food with confidence.


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