• Width: 33cm, ideal for covering both small and large food items or dishes.
  • Material: Premium plastic with enhanced cling capabilities for a better seal.
  • Protection: Effectively keeps air out and locks in freshness.
  • Visibility: Transparent film allows for easy viewing of the contents.
  • Ease of Use: Dispenses smoothly and cuts cleanly for hassle-free use.


The Cling Wrap 33cm x 600m VitaFresh is an essential kitchen tool designed to keep food fresh and well-protected. This wrap is made with a special material that enhances its cling and protective properties, ensuring that your food stays safe and retains its freshness longer. It’s perfect for sealing a variety of containers and food products, from fruits and vegetables to sandwiches and leftovers. The VitaFresh technology ensures that the wrap adheres better and provides a reliable seal to maintain the food’s natural moisture and flavor.


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