• Width: 33cm, suitable for wrapping a variety of food items.
  • Material: Made with a high-quality, food-safe plastic that clings securely.
  • Seal Quality: Provides a tight seal that helps maintain freshness and prevent spills.
  • Visibility: Clear film allows for easy identification of wrapped items.
  • Usability: Easy to handle and cut, fitting various container shapes and sizes.


The Cling Wrap 33cm x 600m Everfilm is a high-quality plastic film designed to preserve freshness and extend the shelf life of food items. Ideal for both domestic and commercial use, this cling wrap offers exceptional cling and sealing capabilities. It is perfect for wrapping and protecting food items such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and leftovers. The Everfilm technology ensures a tight seal to keep food fresh longer and prevent the transfer of odors in the refrigerator. Additionally, the clear film provides easy visibility for quick identification of contents.


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