• Width: 45cm, providing extensive coverage suitable for large pans and containers.
  • Material: Enhanced thickness for superior durability and heat resistance.
  • Versatility: Perfect for grilling, roasting, and freezing large quantities of food.
  • Protection: Offers robust defense against moisture, odors, and contamination.
  • Application: Ideal for professional kitchens, catering, and heavy-duty cooking tasks.


The Aluminum Foil heavy-duty 45cm x 150m is designed to tackle the toughest kitchen challenges. Ideal for heavy-duty cooking and food service applications, this foil is thicker and more durable than standard aluminum foil. It excels in environments requiring high heat, heavy food items, or long-term food storage. Its wide and lengthy dimensions ensure complete coverage for larger dishes or bulky items, providing optimal protection against heat, moisture, and light.


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