• Width: 44cm, ideal for large dishes and bulk wrapping.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality aluminum, known for its durability and thermal properties.
  • Flexibility: Easily conforms to different shapes and containers.
  • Thermal Resistance: Suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including baking and grilling.
  • Protection: Acts as an effective barrier against external elements, keeping food fresh and hygienic.


The Aluminum Foil 44cm x 150m is an essential item for any kitchen, catering to both home and professional environments. This wider foil is perfect for covering large trays and wrapping substantial food items, ensuring thorough coverage and protection. Made from high-quality aluminum, it is durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures, making it suitable for cooking, baking, freezing, and food preservation. Its superior strength and flexibility make it easy to mold around any shape while providing an excellent barrier against moisture, odors, and grease.


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