• Five Compartments: Strategically designed to separate main and side dishes along with condiments, enhancing the dining experience.
  • Generous Dimensions: Large enough to accommodate a complete meal without mixing flavors.
  • Robust Build: Made to withstand regular use in busy food service environments, ensuring long-term usability.
  • Functional Design: Simplifies plating and eating, particularly in settings where variety is key, such as buffets and school cafeterias.
  • Versatile Utility: Ideal for any setting that requires serving multiple food items at once.


Optimize your meal presentation with this 5-compartment plate, designed to keep various meal components neatly separated. The dimensions of 260×210 mm provide ample space for a full meal, allowing for an organized and appealing display of main courses, sides, and even condiments. This plate is an excellent choice for schools, cafeterias, buffets, and events where a variety of food needs to be served efficiently. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and functionality in any food service setting.


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