• 360ml Capacity: Ideal for small to medium beverage servings, offering just the right amount for most drinks.
  • Crystal Clear Construction: Showcases the contents beautifully, perfect for colorful juices, sodas, or iced coffees.
  • Suitable for Cold Drinks: Specifically designed to hold cold beverages, maintaining their temperature and quality.
  • Durable Material: Though not eco-friendly, the PLA construction provides sturdiness and clarity.
  • Versatile Use: A practical option for various settings, including casual dining, outdoor events, and daily cafe operations.


The 360ml Clear PLA Cup is an excellent choice for serving beverages in a visually appealing manner. Perfect for cafes, juice bars, and fast-food outlets, this cup allows the natural colors and textures of the beverage to shine through, enhancing the overall presentation. Ideal for cold drinks, it holds a practical amount suitable for small to medium-sized servings. Despite being made from PLA, which is often considered more sustainable, this particular cup does not meet eco-friendly standards.


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